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Nickel Alloy Wire

Nickel Alloy Wire

Standard: AISI, ASTM, DIN, EN, GB and JIS Materials: Inconel X-750 NS333 monel400 Inconel718 HastelloyX HastelloyC A-286 Incoloy825 Incoloy800 Inconel625 Inconel600 Incoloy901 HastelloyC-276 Nimonic80A Rene41 H4169 GH80A GH1140 GH2132 GH3030 GH3039 GH3128 GH4145 k213 K417 GH3044 GH4049 GH536...

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Standard: AISI, ASTM, DIN, EN, GB and JIS


Inconel X-750        NS333             monel400

Inconel718             HastelloyX      HastelloyC

A-286                       Incoloy825       Incoloy800

Inconel625             Inconel600      Incoloy901

HastelloyC-276     Nimonic80A    Rene41

H4169                     GH80A             GH1140

GH2132                  GH3030           GH3039

GH3128                  GH4145           k213

K417                        GH3044           GH4049

GH536                     GH141

1J22                         Invar36            4J36

17-4PH                    17-7PH            904L

nickel alloy wire like grades: 8020,others

Surface: electro-polish

Condition: soft, semi-soft and hard wire

Excellent straightness

Uniform and nice surface condition

Excellent coil forming ability

High elasticity and high fatigue-resistant

Strong corrosion-resistant

Used for spring, screw, rope, cable and elongated wire

Wire drawing, weaving, hose, steel strand and medical treatment

Grain nail and high precision filtration equipment

Suitable for bicycle fittings, kitchen and sanitation tools, goods shelf, pet cages, gill racks,

decorative handles and baskets, food and medical machinery accessories

Diameter: 0.02 to 14mm


0.08 to 0.7mm can use plastic spool (drum)

Specifications of plastic spools are as following:

DIN 125:Net weight: 2kg of one full spools (every 16 plastic spools one carton)

DIN 160:Net weight: 5kg of one full spools (every 4 plastic spools one carton)

DIN 200:Net weight: 10kg of one full spools (every 4 plastic spools one carton)

DIN 250:

Net weight: 15kg of one full spools (every 2 plastic spools one carton)

5.5mm to 12mm stainless steel wire can use coil packing

Inner diameter: 400, 500, 600 and 650mm

Weight: 30 to 800kg (wrap with film outside)

With wide experience and expertise, Beall Industry Group is one of the leading nicklel alloy wire manufacturers and suppliers. We have hundreds of high-qualified workers at your service. Please rest assured to get the competitive price nicklel alloy wire for sale with us.

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