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321 Stainless Steel Strip

stainless steel strip coil is the featured product of Beall Industry Group.Standard: AISI, ASTMMaterials:AISI 321Specification:1. Thickness: 0.05mm~5mm2. Width: 2.0mm~1500mmPacking:Coil ID: 150mm - 61

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    stainless steel strip coil is the featured product of Beall Industry Group.

    Standard: AISI, ASTM


    AISI 321


    1. Thickness: 0.05mm~5mm

    2. Width: 2.0mm~1500mm


    Coil ID: 150mm - 610mm

    Coil OD: 300mm - 1200mm


    1. Auto Parts:

    a) Mobile phone Outer shellb) Disc switch c) Etching partsd) Electronic stamping parts e) Electron gun parts f) Protecting tube of Optical fiber cable

    2. Auto Parts:

    a) Cylinder Gasket b) Piston expansion ring c) End cap of Auto filter. d) Decoration strip

    3. Kitchen appliance:

    a) Stainless Steel Kitchenware

    4. Textile and light industry:

    a) Weaving machine shaft b) Weaving machine loom reed

    5. Medical Devices:

    a) Surgical Blade b) Surgical Needle c) Catheter stents for operation.

    6. Construction Decoration:

    a) Elevator b) Floor Heating c) Other decorations

    7. Aerospace:

    a) Aero turbine Fastener b) Stainless steel membrane c) Precision stainless steel capsule


    Hot rolled stainless steel strip is a semifinished product obtained from the hot rolling of slabs or billets and is produced for conversion by cold rolling.

    Cold rolled stainless steel strip is manufactured from hot rolled, annealed and pickled strip by cold rolling on polished rolls. Depending on the thickness desired, the cold rolling requires various numbers of passes through the mill to effect the necessary reduction and to secure the desired surface characteristics and mechanical properties. Only three rolled (unpolished) finishes (No. 1, No. 2 and bright annealed) and one polished finish (mill buffed) are commonly supplied on stainless steel strip.

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