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Physical properties of stainless steel plate

Beall Industry Group Co.,Limited | Updated: Jan 07, 2010

Metal apart from the overall heat transfer coefficient of thermal conductivity of metals, but also depends on other factors. In most cases, the film heat transfer coefficient, rust and metal surfaces. Stainless steel can keep the surface clean, so its heat better than other higher thermal conductivity of metals. Liaocheng Suntory stainless steel provides eight technology standard, stainless steel plate stainless steel corrosion resistance, bending and welding parts of toughness, as well as welded parts stamping processing properties of high-strength stainless steel plate and manufacturing method. Specific said is put containing C:0.02% following, and N:0.02% following, and Cr:11% above is less than 17%, and appropriate content of Si, and Mn, and p, and s, and Al, and Ni, and meet 12 ≤ Cr Mo 1.5Si ≤ 17, and 1 ≤ Ni 30 (c n) 0.5 (Mn Cu) ≤ 4, and Cr 0.5 (Ni Cu) 3.3Mo ≥ 16.0, and 0.006 ≤ c n ≤ 0.030 of stainless steel Board heating to 850~1250℃, then for to 1 ℃/ S above the cooling speed of cooling of heat treatment. This can be 12% above the martensite volume fraction of organization, 730MPa high strength, corrosion resistance and bending properties, with superior toughness in weld heat-affected zone of high strength stainless steel plate. Reuse of Mo, b, can significantly improve the performance of welded parts stamping.

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